Spotlight on Our Graduates

Alec Dessureault

While completing my studies at CEGEP, I came across an advertisement for the Game and Level Design program and decided to go to the Open House. I enrolled for the course shortly afterwards on a whim, canceling my course at the other CEGEP. I had a gut feeling about it.

I really loved the course! I also started realizing that I had to work hard in order to succeed. This time I did it willingly, and my perseverance stood me in good stead. The training I received taught me that hard work always pays off. I also realized that there were many more job opportunities in this field than I’d ever imagined.

One of the aspects I really liked during my training was that there was no negative competition between myself and my counterparts. Still today, we try to get together and help each other.

At the end of the course we needed to present the portfolio we’d built and a game we’d created. It was during this presentation that a representative from Nvizzio noticed me. He contacted me, and a few days later offered me a two-month internship. At the end of my internship, he offered me a position at Microsoft Vancouver – The Coalition. After a few interviews, I finally landed the job, setting off for Vancouver the following week. Now I work there full-time, and I have no regrets about the career choices I’ve made.

The advice I’d give to those looking to do the training, is that you should never consider your work done or fully complete. You can always do better. Criticism should never be taken personally. On the contrary, it’s constructive, and allows for self-improvement. I also advise them to listen to their gut feeling, it will serve them well.

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