Fashion Design - Footwear and Accessory

Diploma of College Studies (DCS)
A hand measures a sneaker prototype with a tape measure amid sketches and other prototypes.


Put your best foot forward. Join the world of footwear and accessory design at Canada's most important fashion school. With the specialization in Footwear and Accessory, this DCS program is the first of its kind, opening the doors for you to become an exceptional creator in this industry.

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A young man with an edgy hairstyle sips from a creatively designed coffee mug, his gaze meeting the camera, with a backdrop of a colorful shoe collection.
Finding the right fit in Montréal, from here to the United Kingdom.
DCS in Fashion Design - Jérome C. Rousseau
A vibrant group of friends poses for a selfie, capturing a moment of laughter and friendship on the stairs.

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