Spotlight on Our Graduates

Valérie Lacroix

After my studies, I embarked on an artistic makeup career. I would do the models’ makeup on photo shoots and at fashion shows. I built up a good portfolio, and pursued this path for a while. But I missed studying, so I decided to return to college.

The training I received at LaSalle College taught me, first and foremost, to become highly organized. In fact, you are somewhat left to your own devices in this regard. It was also my very first experience outside of my home town. I made friends, and I became very organized. One of the things you learn when you’re doing a makeup course is that every detail counts. You need to pay attention to the slightest detail. I avidly took on board the opinions of others as they could view my makeup with an objective eye.

I’d advise you to take your time and remain calm. You won’t be able to master the best techniques straight away, it takes some practice. Building a portfolio sometimes comes with immense stress that can become difficult to manage, but don’t let it get the better of you. You all have talent, you can do it!

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