Spotlight on Our Graduates

Natasha Trépanier

My year at LaSalle College was definitely a part of my life I will not forget.

Since a young age I have been extremely passionate about art related subjects. After obtaining a DEC in Professional Theatre, I knew I wanted to also do something else that I had a love for, and I found myself researching different Hairdressing schools and programs. LaSalle College, I determined, was the best choice, in terms of length, classes and even location. Best decision I made. Having been able to have found a school that would give me all I needed to know, in only a year, alongside what turned out to be some great classmates and having an amazing teacher was all I could have ever asked for.

I knew I was interested in Hairdressing, I always enjoyed learning about new styles and how to do them, but this program made me realize I loved it more than I thought. The benefit with my year in particular is we were only a class of 8 students. That made it much easier for our teacher to teach something to all of us but then help us individually, making it much easier to learn things at a pace with which we were comfortable.

From the start, I could feel that I was doing the right thing, a lot of the stuff we would learn just seemed to come fairly easy to me, and the information would just stick. I had a great teacher who really took the time with each of us to make sure that we understood and knew what was going on. He was the perfect combination of professional teacher, yet fun and made things exciting. My year there, I have to say, was definitely a great one.

While in school I found myself having a few consistent clients, who then followed me after graduation, was able to be a part of a few photoshoots, within and outside of the school, and ended up doing my end of year internship at Salon Unlistd, which is where I've wanted to go since the start of the year.

I've always enjoyed school and learning, but here I found myself working even harder, and it paid off in the end when I was awarded with the sole "Certificate of Excellence" for the LaSalle College Hairdressing Program of 2014.

I am currently in process of moving west to Alberta, Canada, and I am hoping my experiences there will be as exciting as they were here. I am confident in my decision since LaSalle College has provided me with all the necessary tools to be able to succeed no matter where it is I live.

Attending LaSalle College was the best thing I have done, and can't wait to see what the future holds for me in my new career.

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