Spotlight on Our Graduates

Frédéric Nguyen 

Art has not always been present in my life. It was only at the end of high school, when I chose to take a complementary course in film, that I found an interest in it. After a few semesters of college-level film studies, I decided to transition to photography because I realised that I was a lot more interested in it.

At LaSalle College, I had the opportunity to have teachers who were very passionate, not only about photography, but also about their work. I think that’s a very important element, as it facilitates the student-teacher relationship. They were always attentive to our problems and didn’t hesitate to give us advice to help us improve. I sincerely believe that they made me a better student and a better person.

Since graduating, I have been working as a freelance photographer. I do a bit of everything: weddings, concerts, and a variety of other events. Although these are all enjoyable, I prefer portrait, fashion or conceptual shoots.

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