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Ariane Charrette 

Name: Ariane Charrette
Title: Communications and Digital Projects Coordinator
Company Name: Tourisme Laval
Study program: AEC in Multimedia Integration
Degree obtained in: 2012

Now Communications and Digital Projects Coordinator at Tourisme Laval, Ariane Charrette has been flourishing since graduating from LaSalle College in Multimedia Integration in 2012. She has distinguished herself throughout her journey with her perseverance and her passion. 

Discover more about her professional career and her educational path!


What title do you currently hold and what are your main functions?

I am the Communications and Digital Projects Coordinator at Tourisme Laval. Among other things, I am responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of the website, coordinating the production of promotional material, as well as integrating and sending all mass communications.

Describe a typical day in your professional life.

The days in communications seem to flow together, but they are not the same! However, a large part of my days is dedicated to the follow-up and management of the various projects in progress.

Describe your career path.

I first did a bachelor’s degree in Communications, but as I wanted to learn more about multimedia, I started by doing the Techniques in Multimedia program (which no longer exists) and then continued with the AEC in Multimedia Integration as I was interested in the technical side of the web.

What is your fondest memory while studying at LaSalle College?

I really appreciated the flexibility of the online program. Since I was working full time during my studies, I found this to be an ideal format: taking classes from home and doing my work when my schedule allowed it.

What was your favorite subject while studying at LaSalle College? Are you applying this today to your current career?

The design courses have been very informative and serve me on a regular basis. Otherwise, the HTML and CSS courses are very useful to me right now for email integration.

What was your general feeling and first impression when you started out at LaSalle College?

I found that we were well-supported and that the structure of the online program allowed for flexibility with life's constraints.

What surprised you the most when you arrived on the workforce?

That there is not one right way to do things, and just because you've learned something in a certain way doesn't mean you should apply it.

What advice would you offer to a student currently enrolled in the same program you took or to your younger self?

To always be on the lookout for new things. The multimedia world is rapidly evolving, and it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the new technologies that seem to emerge every day. In short, you must be curious, but also know how to trust yourself.

What are the qualities necessary to succeed in your field?

Organization, perseverance, curiosity, an ability to adapt to new situations and an interest in technology.

Who are your role models and why?

I don't have any specific role models. However, I find all women in traditionally male roles to be inspiring.

Anything you would like to add that would be inspiring to our next generation?

Look for solutions to problems yourself. It's the best way to learn and it's more rewarding.

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