Your Success !

A blue gradient infographic with six labeled steps for academic success, including assistance centers and special activities. 

LaSalle College has made the commitment to take measures and offer tools that favour your educational and professional success. This commitment is at the core of the Success Plan, an official document approved by the College’s Board of Directors.

The Success Plan includes the objectives and priorities of LaSalle College in terms of student success. The implementation of the Success Plan is guaranteed by the involvement and engagement of all College participants, including the Academic Studies Directorate, the Pedagogical Committee, the Success Plan coordinators and the teachers.

The Success Plan includes a variety of support centres :

  • The Centre d’aide en français (French Learning Centre) and the English Learning Centre.
  • Help services: psychological support services, educational and professional counselling services, support for students with difficulties and adapted services.
  • Supervised workshops: on the request of students and based on student needs, in all disciplines of study.
  • Special activities: company visits and lectures given by leaders in different fields.
  • Dissemination of information and important documents for students, including the Institutional Policy on Evaluating Learning (PIEA).
  • Effective preventative measures, such as the identification of academic weaknesses and access to Omnivox, offering online information, interactivity and communication.

You want to know more about the success plan ?

Ask your teachers or program directorate for more information.

Download the success plan

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