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Are you an avid gamer? Be your own hero! Our programs have been developed with global leaders in video game creation and editing. Acquire the necessary knowledge to secure a choice position in the promising video game industry.

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IT Expert profile

You’re logical. A computer holds no secrets for you (well, hardly any). When someone asks what language you speak, you’re not sure whether to say Java or C++. You want to code the engine that will bring the video game to life.

Recommended DEC program for this profile
Computer Science Technology - Video Game Programming
Developed Competencies
  • Gain the necessary skills and knowledge to become a computer science technician specialized in video game programming
  • Learn the fundamental concepts of video game programming all while developing your creativity
  • Develop required abilities to successfully address challenges and meet the needs of the industry

Career Perspectives

Video game developer | Analyst/programmer | Application analyst | Database administrator | Computer science technician

Program Length

6 semesters | 2640 hours

Brain profile

Your imagination is brimming with ideas and you love thinking about the whys and hows of everything. You love to create puzzles and tell stories. The game designer or level designer makes the game fun.

Recommended AEC program for this profile
Game and Level Design
Developed Competencies
  • Design environments and develop the mechanisms and interactivity of a game
  • Carry out the programming for a game level and incorporate it into the game’s engine
  • Participate in a virtual reality game design
  • Produce an entire game during a professional production simulation

Career Perspectives

General video game architect | Video game level designer | Video game designer | Video game narrative designer

Program Length

4 semesters | 1350 hours

Remote Explorer profile

The visual universe of video games calls to you, but you’d rather study online. You consider yourself a designer and have honed your artistic skills. You’d like to know the basics for modeling your own 3D video game universe.

Recommended AEC online program for this profile
Video Game 3D Modeling (online)
Developed Competencies
  • Gain the necessary skills to design 3D weapons and props, model environments and design characters
  • Generate 3D images and full renderings with appropriate lighting and textures
  • Create and design a complete game level

Career Perspectives

Game modeling technician | Level designer | Modeling graphic designer

Program Length

16 months | 825 hours

Creative Manager profile

You’re logical as well as creative. Management and project management are second nature to you and decision-making isn’t a problem. You want to manage the various steps involved in creating a video game, or you want to help it go to market.

Recommended DEC program for this profile
Business Management - Creative Industries Management
Developed Competencies
  • Develop versatility and independence in the various jobs that a creative manager in the video game sector may have: marketing, accounting and finance, human resources, operations or communications
  • Develop the skills and knowledge necessary to manage the various stages of a project and bring it to completion
  • Learn to manage a team and the human resources necessary to set up a creative project

Career Perspectives

Project Manager | Marketing or Media Coordinator | Event Planner | Programming or Sponsorship Coordinator | Entrepreneur

Program Length

6 semesters | 2265 hours

Create your own game

Immerse yourself into a conceptor's reality by creating as a team your own game, and presenting it to a jury of gaming industry professionals.


As teachers are industry professionals, their courses and the software they teach are rooted in the reality of the daily operations of a production studio. In fact, completing our studies has already given us a kind of foot in the industry door.

- Clément Lowys - VFX Junior Artist, Ubisoft
Game and Level Design graduate

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